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Family Resource Centre

About Us

The Family & Community Resource Centre at the Family Life Centre is funded under the Family Resource Centre National Programme by the new Child and Family Support Agency (Tusla) which was established in 2013.

The aim of the Family Resource Centre programme is to combat disadvantage and improve the functioning of the family unit. The programme emphasises involving local communities in tackling the problems they face, and creating successful partnerships between voluntary and statutory agencies at community level. FRCs involve people from marginalised groups and areas of disadvantage at all levels, including on their Voluntary Management Committees.

Key services provided by FRCs include:

•The provision of family support, information and advice at local level.
•Practical assistance to community groups (such as training, information, advice and use of shared facilities).
•Education courses and training opportunities.
•Childcare facilities for those attending courses provided by the

  • Other programmes & services

Since the FRC programme began in 1994, the number of core-funded FRCs has increased from 10 to 107.

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